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Why the ‘Warriors’ Books by Erin Hunter Are Still Relevant in 2017

Recently a few friends were watching a movie in my apartment. Distracted, one of them – an Indian woman named Anu – didn’t notice as my dog, Avery, took a sip of her milk.

When we finally noticed that Avery was sporting a milk mustache and a dopey, satisfied grin, everyone began to laugh… everyone, that is, besides Anu.

In a flourish of anger, Anu shouted “Illiterate!

Of course, the laughing became tummy-clenching guffawing.

It occurred to me that, in that moment, Anu couldn’t think of a more offensive English word to call my dog than illiterate – and, consequently, it sparked a lively conversation about the power of reading. Then it was I who became the butt of the jokes.

“You’ve never read The Chronicles of Narnia?” said Emily, my roommate, in complete disbelief.

It’s true. I’ve never read The Chronicles of Narnia. I’ve never read The Lord of the Rings. I never even finished the Harry Potter series. I’m probably guilty of various other literary atrocities, too.


“Well,” I said indignantly, “You’ve never read Warriors!

Without skipping a beat, Emily retorted, “Michaela, NO ONE has read Warriors.”

It was a mic drop moment for me, and I’ll tell you why:

Warriors is one of the most powerful children’s book series of my generation. It is also one of the most under-rated series of all time.

Looking for a story with romance? Intrigue? Terror? Suspense? Warriors has it all wrapped together in a stunning package, written eloquently by a team of writers known as the elusive Erin Hunter.

It has all the same elements of more popular series like The Lord of the Rings, including incredibly graphic bloodshed and tangly love-triangles and some grotesque imagery – except the characters are… wait for it…


It’s like Watership Down, but with cats! And if you haven’t heard of Watership Down, please educate yourself accordingly, and proceed to spend a sleepless night pondering the intentions of evil bunny rabbits.

You may be wondering, how can stories about animals be so powerful? Well, then you’ve clearly never read The Call of the Wild or Julie of the Wolves, and I expect you to do some homework. The aforementioned novels are, no doubt, literary triumphs – they detail the lives of animals as they are perceived by humans. But what makes Warriors so unique is that the lives of animals are revealed by first-person perspectives.

The reader is immersed in a world where societal elements like politics, stigma, revenge, religious conflict, and even love – human constructs – are interpreted by animals. Take a look inside the dark and turbulent world of ThunderClan… don’t like what you see? Then maybe you should take a deeper look at yourself, you darn two-leg.

Let’s get real here. I’m sure I’ve discredited myself by now and you’re all scoffing. Yes, a book with talking cats – let’s take it real serious. (Now I’m the one who’s scoffing.) Guys, it’s a kids book series, and it’s not to be digested without a sense of magic. If you take yourself too seriously, you’ll never enjoy a book like this, no less The Chronicles of Narnia.

Is it too much to let a mid-20’s pet blogger dream and wonder and believe in Santa Claus??

It’s not. That’s why you should buy this book. This blog is supported by contributions from readers like you. *shameless affiliate plug.


What are you, illiterate?

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