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Meowbox Cat Subscription Box Review & Unboxing

Big box stores may bark for your attention, but in 2016, subscription boxes are the cat’s meow. To the delight of cat owners everywhere, meowbox has revolutionized the pet subscription box trade by bringing all-natural and hand-crafted toys and treats to your feline friends.

Whether by gushing over cute cat photos on the meowbox Facebook page, relaying the kindness and professionalism of their customer support team, or divulging their altruistic business plan, I cannot emphasize enough what a huge fan I am of this company. But I’ll let the product speak for itself.

Lana the cat joined me in unboxing her first ever meowbox – the cat subscription box – or, what some might call the BarkBox for cats. Check out the video below:

If you didn’t watch the video – I mean, c’mon. Pssh. You watched the video. – here’s what you should know:

Meowbox supports small businesses, and it shows! From the Etsy-made toys to the yummy goodies supporting Snow Leopards, what more could you ask for from a boutique subscription box?

With each box purchased, they give a can of food to a shelter cat. You can even track your individual can to see where you’ve made a difference. Talk about delivering good feelings to your door!


Each box is personalized by hand with your kitty’s name. I especially love the touch of pretty wrapping paper, stickers, and feathers adorning the inside of the box.

For picky kitties, you can select a meowbox with no edible items. They will replace food and treats with more toys and goodies! And for picky humans who want something more to their tune, meowbox has launched a new shop where you can buy exclusive “human gifts.”

Here’s the low-down:
– prices: $22.95 for 1 month or $22.95 bi-monthly
– gifts: non renewing, $32.95 for 1 month, $27.95 for 3-month ($83.85 paid upfront) and $22.95 for 6-month ($137.70 paid upfront)
– free shipping
– they ship to Canada and the US
– box includes 4-6 items

If tabby is the new calico, then this box is chic! Just see how much Lana (& Avery) loves it. Thank you, meowbox!

Don’t forget to sign up with the coupon code AVERYANDLANA10 to get 10% off!

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